Angela Caminata

Hey there, Im Angela Caminata of AMC Artistry, the permanent make-up specialist located inside Unique Reflections hair studio in Johnson Creek.

Are you tired of penciling in those sparse or non existent eyebrows? For once, would you like to look in the mirror first thing in the morning and not feel like your missing something? Go to the beach or pool and not dread getting your face wet for fear your penciled brows will drip down your cheeks? Well you came to the right place!

Since I was introduced to the art of microblading, brows have been some what of an obsession of mine! I have taken multiple courses and spent countless hours to perfect my craft as I feel you deserve nothing but the best.

With the art of microblading, I strive to deliver you the most natural looking eyebrows to help you look more beautiful and feel more self confident about yourself. If you are not a great candidate for blading, no worries, powder brows just might be the best option for you!

Contact me today to see what a great set of brows can do for you!

Where it all began for Me: 

In March of 2000 I began my career in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, which is really  just a fancy word for hairdresser 😉

Since graduating, I attended countless educational events and classes to expand my knowledge and expertise in my field. I wanted to deliver exceptional high quality services to each and every one of the guest that sat in my chair. For many years I worked for some pretty great salons in my area and grew my clientele.

In 2010 I decided to venture off on my own. Unique Reflections hair studio got its start in the basement of my families home right here in my home village of Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.

In 2016 with tremendous support and encouragement from my husband Tony and three children Breana, Andrea, and Michael we purchased and personally renovated an amazing historic building in the heart of the village. I have been sharing my space with 4 other independent service providers ever since.

So why eyebrows?

I was introduced to the art of microblading while planning to attend the first ever Hairdressers Education Cruise. I was so intrigued, as I could think of over a dozen of my guests who would benefit from this type of service, that I canceled some of the hair classes I was signed up for and took my first basic course in microblading. Since then I haven’t stopped learning! It may sound crazy, but I even dream about microblading!

What about hair?

Lets just say my passion has shifted a bit and I have some new goals! Don’t get me wrong, I still very much love to do hair and plan to keep each and every one of my wonderful guests that are currently on my schedule. Im just no longer accepting anyone new and haven’t for quite some time now.

What else do I do?

Tattoo Removal: Sometimes people come in with old PMU brows and they need to be removed before they can get microblading. I want to be the one to help from start to finish! Plus, I can even remove small body art tattoos while I’m at it!

Henna Brows: Sometimes people want to get an idea of what a darker brow would look like on them before they commit to microblading. Henna brows will deliver!

Tattooed Eyeliner: Who doesn’t want to not have to put eyeliner on every day! (coming soon!)